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Robo Challenger

Robo Challenger

Robo Challenger
Students aged 7 to 15 years should start with Robo Challenger program

Students achieve
1. Develop Good Concentration
2. In-depth understanding of the subject
3. Some Engineering Concepts and Terminologies
4. Great Fine Motor Skills Development
5. Enhanced Scholastic Academics

Students are trained in-depth for proper understanding of engineering concepts and terminologies.

Challengers program is for kids with an age group of 5 to 15 years and even can be extended for senior students because it helps them develop some basic skills if are missed in the early childhood, some of the students show extraordinary development during this class session, in this program they can bring their thought process to action and further get a robot developed. The joy is enormous as they can create their heart out with the versatile kits matching this unparalleled thought process which wasn’t the case ever before. The kits are designed in a scientific manner taking a lot of hard work and painstaking process to complete each kit with an expensive edge.