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Full time Internship:

We feel that we have a commitment toward enhancing the knowledge levels and provide real work experience to deserving Engineers (E&TC / Mechanical) and MBA who want to make it BIG in their life and have the right aptitude as well as attitude.

We do not charge interns!

If you fit our criteria, we will get back to you.

Technical Department: (Electronic Engineers)

We are searching for dedicated Electronic Engineers with keen interest in robotics and automation likewise as proved record on projects development on Arduino, Raspberry Pi or IOT. Chance with us is obtainable in coaching as well as Research & Development Department.

If you’re committed and dedicated, and if you match our criteria, we are going to come back to you.

Direct Sales Associates

We are looking for intelligent & analytical mind who understands the business of STEM & Robotics. You can reach out to faculties in India to implement the artistic movement of robotics and STEM education and play a constructive role in shaping the future of India.

If this excites you, then we’d wish to meet you and listen to your ideas!

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