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School Level Training

STEM Education

Our training program is scientifically design to bring out innovative and creative thought process while giving a child an opportunity to explore science and technology concepts. This program helps to understand Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Once the students starts understanding the program and its application then the learning curve dramatically increases to a great extent thereby further enhancing programming skills, technological understanding, engineering concepts and mathematical calculations.

Robotics Design and assembly

Robo rainbow academic programs are unique and acknowledging. Scientific research has proven that once the student knows application of the concepts than he/she is learning and it fits in their memory permanently. Student’s innovation and creativity is given utmost priority while training robotics. This academic program enhances engineering ability of a child in mechanical, electronic, computer and electrical as well.

Benefits of Learning Robotics from RoboRainbow Academy:

  • Understanding of simple machines
  • Basic engineering
  • Develops interest in technology related areas
  • Start of Logic building
  • Analytical approach
  • Basics of manufacturing & technology
  • Thinking Skills
  • Motor skills
  • Excellent Personality Development

Outcomes of Robotics – Mechanical, Electronic, Computer & Electrical:

  • Use the knowledge at engineering level.
  • Understanding the world of engineering.
  • Simulates maturity thinking due to complex task performance
  • Learns all the engineering technologies while studying robotics