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College Level Training

We conduct various workshops for engineering college student to make them understand various electronic and computer science concepts. We provide practically hands-on workshop to the student.

Some of our workshop:

  • Embedded system
  • Wireless communication
  • Robotics
  • IOT(Internet of things).

And many more customized workshops are offered.

Industrial Automation & Robotics Training

Engineering College students are taught on Industrial Automation and Robotics for making them employable with industry oriented skills.

Our syllabus is based on industry inputs and requirement. Which prepare them to face the technical issues in the industry.

Today, the industry has rapidly improved with the industrial automation and robotics. Our students progressively get updated with their knowledge to face the industry.


  • We conduct robotics workshop and train Engineering and B.Sc(Electronic) students.
  • We taught several robotics models to the student which are based on automation industry.
  • In today’s world industries need some experienced students to work with it. So this kind of workshop will help them to take some hands-on experience.

Student Benefits

  • Learn about engineering concepts.
  • Increasing logical and analytical thinking.
  • Help to prepare future in STEM technology.
  • Increased confidence towards industry.
  • Student vision

Syllabus Overviews

  • Engineering Knowledge
  • Engineering components and ingredients in Robotics
  • Microcontroller and its programming language
  • Arduino Programming Language
  • Wireless Applications (Infrared (IR), Radio Frequency (RF), Bluetooth Applications)
  • Various commands and programs using Micro Controller Language
  • Designing, Assembly and Troubleshooting of Robots

College are invited to contact us for:

  • Conducting Robotics Workshop for students.
  • Setting up Robotics Training Lab in College
  • Participating in Robotics Competition
  • Please check our training syllabus for students and also the Photo Gallery for more details.
  • Please call us on 9819365636 or mail us on for more details.