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Robo Champ

Robo Champ

Students aged 4 to 7 years should start with Robo Champ

Students achieve
1. Develop Good Concentration
2. Happier and Less Agitated Children
3. Motor Skill Development
3.1 Gross Motor Skills
3.2 Fine Motor Skills
4. Develop Interest in Extracurricular Activities
5. Excel in School Academics.

We train children in kid’s friendly tones and have a great fun time while teaching robotics with appropriate kits.

A first level training program that will help the child to put his hands and mind together without deviating from the subject, this is one of the best pieces of training that you as a parent will be imparting to the child for his overall development. The seed dumping in a child’s brain is the first program, thereby the child starts thinking about the subject and its pros and cons. The child starts thinking about the working and principles of the subject that is being introduced. If you have noticed a child starts imitating his teachers and his trainers for how they have been teaching. Sometimes even they start trying to dress up the way their teachers dress up and talk the way their teachers do. This the sign that your child is trying to capture more than what is thought in the class. This is the time you need to get your child for extracurricular class just as Robotics.

With robotics, the overall development of the child happens in different stages.

Developed concentration

The primary development that we as parent might understand is that the concentration of the child is increased. It is by far noted that concentration of the younger generation is reducing day by day. It’s a grave danger the world is heading too. But luckily, we have a solution that will help regain the lost concentration. Parent can note this thing first in their child’s behaviour.


More happy and lesser agitation

Secondly when the child is doing things that he wants to do or is following his mind to complete a certain task for which he is given all possible tools and all possible avenues to complete the task than the child is a happy child and he is than less irritated and agitated. Certainly, no sense of completion is ever received by his Brain, Heart there by the Mind is restless and is not able to give Peak Speed Performance Output (PSPO).


Motor skills development

Motor skills are the skills that deal with a part of the brain that is named by scientists as motor area. This area in brain is particularly developed when the child is thought to move things in circular fashion like riding a bicycle and turning around or by moving is eight direction, the motor skills are of two types:

  1. Gross Motor Skills.
  2. Fine Motor Skills.


Gross motor skills are developed when we move a bicycle in round or 8 shaped motion which is fairly easy and happen eventually does not require much efforts. Few other examples of Gross motor skills are balling in the game of a cricket (Over Arm innings), Gross motor skills.


Fine motor skills are though to master and require some practice they should be dealt with the correct way first time itself, very difficult to unlearn and relearn the new right way that’s why we sea children with not very good handwriting never have a very good hand writing ever. They could practice and practice again and again to get it right but the initial habit is seldom lost.

Some other examples of fine motor skills are screwdriver handling and movement of figures specially in closed grooves where they have to fit in a screw and nut. Development of brain happened whenever you start implementing things by your hands. Let it be the young age of 3 to 4 years.