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Robo Advance

Robo Advance

Robo Advance

A fairly advanced program mostly for college students and graduates in engineering faculty who actually cherish this level of knowledge and expertise gained by this program. Also comes with a fair grade of difficulty requiring Discipline, Dedication and Determination. In this program, students go through the nitty-gritty of Electronics, Mechanical, Electrical and Computers. Thereby learning all the four different types of engineering applications and its connective role in creating a whole new product of their own. As per the understanding provided by the Skill India Program and Make in India Program of our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, it should be our goal to create things in India and to create those things in India we need creators this is the step to create the creator. This program is basically for anybody who wants to achieve success in their professional life. With this program an engineer can reach that extra mile to make things on his own and do miracles, the same program helps children who are not very fortunate to get 90 to 95 percent marks in academics but are very bright otherwise and want to do something great in their life the seed of it is sawn here in this Robo rainbow Academy.

Robotics is one part of the understanding, we actually help the child in getting the right intellect at the right place to get the thing right and to make a difference in this world beginning with his personal self-esteem, his house, his community, and the country at large. Working relentlessly on the subject of your liking will help you achieve 4 great things.

  1. Your confidence increase
  2. Your willpower doubles
  3. Your skills four folded
  4. Your Mind Stabilised

With all this in place, your goals get cleared up and you mind setup to start things up fresh and immediate.

Robo advance is an advanced level program which has multiple outlooks other than the robotics part we also teach them to another subject that helps them communicate with others in this group, community and people at large. Some of the soft skills as well developed wherein, communication is one part, accounting their own self and their business is involved, presenting this business to various sets of individuals through presentation apps and while doing all this also help in organising his own self in a manner that is excepted and is commonly known to many.

All in all Robo Advance is a specialised program that is helping a child to do the thing at a very young age without disturbing their studies and their future thought process. Some of our very successful students have been able to support their own expenditures, ABROAD.